Who we work with

Ante-natal and Peri-natal 2014-08-21 17.28.09
Everyone’s experience of pregnancy, childbirth and parenting is unique, and we acknowledge that at times these can be challenging. We are able to work with anyone who feels these experiences have been difficult and are getting in the way of them being the parent they would like to be. We have a particular interest in working with anyone who has experienced a traumatic birth and feels they would like an opportunity to resolve these issues.

Under 5s
We are experienced at working with babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers where there are difficulties with feeding, sleeping, toileting or any other behavioural issues. We use predominantly behavioural models, the Solihull Approach and attachment theory to inform our work.

We are able to work with any psychological or behaviour issue presenting in children, such as anxiety, low mood, bereavement, difficult to manage behaviours, tics, obsessive behaviours, bullying, phobias, eating issues, sleep difficulties, anger, trauma.

Young People
We recognise that sharing thoughts and feelings can be particularly difficult for this age group, so we work hard to engage with young people and develop a strong therapeutic relationship. We are able to provide psychological therapy for a range of issues including low mood, anxiety, obsessive compulsive behaviour, trauma, self-harm, eating issues, phobias, bullying and anger. We monitor any risk issue carefully and work with young people to negotiate appropriate boundaries for confidentiality.